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The description "Welcome to 3778photography your home for action photography in New England. My name is John Keller. If you intend on doing something that requires helmet, a look out or any type of protective equipment and want it photographed I'm your guy. I will hump my gear anywhere. Mountain tops, cliffs, caves, airborne, mud, water, fire, killer bee's are no obstacles! Quality and dependability references are available upon request. So hit me up if you want to include me in your next adventure. You have fun let me take the photos! Contact Me The sport picture gallerys are mostly proofs, if you do order them the watermark is removed and the color is adjusted before its is printed. PLEASE - Don't steal my photographs. If you see a photo you like you can purchase a download or a print. Thank you. If you do use any images not purchased from this site please leave my watermark on them. Give credit where credit is due." on the website 3778photography.com is too long. It should be a maximum of 255 characters.
Missing keywords on the website 3778photography.com.
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